Issues in Society and How Fashion is Influenced by It
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Issues in Society and How Fashion is Influenced by It

Grade 7 have been learning about how fashion is influenced by society.

By Josie Galemmo & Jenna van de Vegte, Individuals & Societies teachers

We began the unit studying the Victorian class system, especially the roles of middle- and upper-class women. After that students, presented on various time periods after the Victorian era.

Gender equality movement

From this, students gained an understanding of how and why women’s roles changed and how this evolved into our current gender equality movement. And all along the way, fashion has expressed these changes.

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Fashion reflecting a current issue

For the summative assessment, students were asked to research a current issue in society and to find fashion that reflects this issue. Some of the current issues researched were climate change, LGBT+ rights, and peer pressure (school uniforms). The students create a poster that shows the fashion and then they presented the poster to the class discussing the issue and how the fashion reflects this.

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