Finding our about heroes in grade 3 is highly relevant
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Finding our about heroes in grade 3 is highly relevant

Life is a constant journey of learning, and in this unit, the grade 3 students are focussing their energies on finding out about the heroes in their lives, how their positive action can impact society.

By Brian Lynam, classroom teacher 3 Blue

At the moment, we are inquiring into what makes a hero and the characteristics that may define them. We are also looking at the importance of taking responsible actions.

The grade 3 teaching team felt this unit of learning is highly relevant to students today, as the concept of a hero can sometimes be misinterpreted in the world of fantasy or fiction.

Health care workers

At present we are living in a world experiencing a global pandemic, if we look closely there are heroes all around us who work hard to allow us to prosper and enjoy life in a safe and stable environment. You can think about the outstanding work that health care workers do on a daily basis, sometimes with very little rest, or the local farmers who ensure we have an adequate food supply.

Hero or Idol

Furthermore, we will be comparing the difference between a hero and an idol. Heroes take action to encourage positive change. There were heroes that contributed to social, historical and technological developments and thus helped shape the world as we know it today. We aim to inspire the children to discover their personal hero and how they themselves can be heroes too.  

Heroes are all around us

The students have also worked very hard during this unit, each one of them heroes for showing great strength and resilience this year. We are all very proud of them and are happy to share some pictures of the heroes that they have researched, presented and shared with their classmates.

Heroes are all around us, whether they are in fictional comic books, or are brave individuals and members of society who work hard to ensure society benefits. We are thankful to them all and the grade 3 students of ISUtrecht aspire to be heroes in their own lives.