Autumn celebrations in primary
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Autumn celebrations in primary

We at the International school Utrecht celebrate many traditions, cultures, celebrations every single year. This year is no different from the last, however we thought this year we could create an Autumn celebration to celebrate all of the traditions at once.

By Dakota Wilkinson, classroom teacher 4 Red

Coincidentally, grade 4 was also in charge of the assembly for this new unit. We realised pretty quickly that we would have to change the way we do the assembly because we just have too many people together in the one room (COVID-19). We as teachers brainstormed an alternative way to present this to the primary grades and think we found the perfect way.

What traditions happen during this time of year?

The assembly was going to work in a few different ways, we as a grade 4 class explored ‘Autumn’, what is it? How do we know about it? Is it the same in every country? What traditions happen during this time of year?

We put together a short film for students to present to other classes and created and small activity for each class to complete. The students of grade 4 red worked so hard for the entire week on speeches, instructions, making videos and getting ready to be teachers in another year level and classroom for 30 minutes.