Grade 8 students become character designers!
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Grade 8 students become character designers!

We started this year in grade 8 with a significant design challenge: redesigning characters and transforming a 2D design into a 3D product.

By Poyee Li-Sumpton, design teacher

In this unit, the students will redesign characters from advertisements to anime and beyond with the Global context—Identities and Relationships in mind. We inquire into and analyse the different design aspects needed to make a character successful. We explore why some designs require improvements by looking at various factors such as relevance and time, technical enhancements and we are taking factors such as stereotyping in consideration. Nowadays we might perceive older characters differently from when they were first designed.

isutrecht students redesigned an advertisement or anime character.

Students choose their own character

In this unit, the students will look closely at the key concept of Aesthetics, Function and Perspectives taking the Global concepts into consideration to define our views and designs. We will also be exploring how character designers look at cultural and technological development and how they are considering customer views. Currently, the students explore designs from all over the world until they decide on a character they think requires redesigning.

Chibi designs

We have looked further into Chibi designs, pointed out some very successful vital features to make these figures successful and aesthetically pleasing. Students have used plasticine to recreate their designs to convert their design from 2D to 3D to train their spatial and mathematical thinking skills as well as material choices that will influence the stability of their design.

Students worked exceptionally well evaluating their work and could point out difficulties when prototyping; providing examples to solve the problem. Our next step is to design our successful character first in 2D and then to work with TinkerCad to transfer it to 3D.

3D printer

Hopefully, we will then be able to print their designs on the 3D printer and explore manufacturing techniques and advantages of  CAD/CAM designs. You can follow the progress of this lovely unit on the ISUtrecht Design Instagram account.