Grade 5 teambuilding days
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Grade 5 teambuilding days

Grade 5 had three terrific (and wet!) teambuilding days at Fort bij de Vechten. A lot of the children cycled to Fort bij de Vechten and back everyday (a 15 km round trip), others traveled by bus. Although the weather was proper autumnal with lots of wind and rain, the smiles never left our students’ faces. Please read what the grade 5’s had to say about their adventure!

Grade 5 went to Fort bij Vechten. Some of us went there with the bike and others went on the bus. We went for 3 days and we did a lot of fun activities. Some of the activities were zip lining, climbing and parkour. I really liked the zip line because it was long, and we could go with a friend. The parkour was scary, but I enjoyed it a lot. We got to know each other better as we did a lot of team activities. The last day was a sports day. We played football, Scottish games and we raced in the bouncy castle. We also did limbo and twister which was giant. It was super fun everyone had fun even though it was rainy and muddy.

  • Skylar, Charlotte, Laksha

Last week grade 5 went on a field trip to Fort bij Vechten. We thought it was well organised and with fun activities. For example, we did multiple team building activities that helped us get to know the other students better. The first day was more of a fun day and for us to feel more comfortable, we had a zip line where we went down by pairs. We even zip lined above water. We had one person bring us back with a raft. We also did the leap of faith where we had to jump off a platform on a tree.

  • Anastasia, Mai.

On the 30th of September to the 2nd of October, grade 5 went to Fort bij Vechten for team building activities. Each day taught us the various aspects of team building, thrust, ability to work as a team and sportsmanship. If there is anything to take away from this experience, it’s that Grade 5 makes a good team!

  • Luka.

My favourite activity at Fort bij Vechten was the zip line. What I learned there was how to get cross water with a boat. I also learned that teamwork is really important. Like, when we had to pull up someone or when we got to a float up thing. We all had to do teamwork. If someone did not do it, it did not work. It was really fun there.

  • Celine.

My favourite activity was the zipline. My learning was that it improved my fear of heights. My experience was nice and now I am not that scared from heights. My favourite part was going across the water and then rafting from the little island.

  • Tvisha.

My favourite activities at Fort bij Vechten were archery and football. What I learned was how to bond with people that I’m not even friends with.

  • Filippo