The creativity pillar of our ISUtrecht mission statement
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The creativity pillar of our ISUtrecht mission statement

Since launching our current mission statement three years ago, every year we’ve concentrated on one of the four pillars underpinning everything that we do at the ISUtrecht. This year we will concentrate on our fourth and final pillar: creativity.

By Rynette de Villiers, head of school

We communicate across cultures, using music to form strong bonds. That is why we offer an exciting music programme accessible to all students and connected to the rich music tradition of the city of Utrecht. 

A truly culturally competent community actively finds ways to communicate with each other, to celebrate the things we have in common and acknowledge the differences.  And yes, sometimes agree to disagree.  For us, this creativity pillar extends well beyond the arts. We aim to embed creative thinking into the curriculum, challenging our staff and students to dare erase the lines that make us conform to things we should be questioning. 

The new school year has started smoothly.  Thank you all for helping us to keep our community safe during pick-up and drop-off moments. The traffic safety in the morning is also better now that families are parking their cars well away from the school building. Thank you for that.   

Final CIS accreditation

In October, we will have a visit from the Council of International Schools (CIS) for our final accreditation.  CIS accreditation is sought after by international schools as it simplifies the admissions process for our DP students in a number of countries. We have also used the process as a quality enhancing project, supporting us to become more professional in policies, child protection and general organisation.  We hope to share the good news with you before the winter break.   

IB evaluation

In February 2021, the school will receive the IB evaluation team for all three programmes.  This is a five year cycle and a rigorous process, but the team has been working hard and we hope to share a positive outcome with you in April 2021. 

Saying goodbye

Personally, these past weeks have been two turbulent weeks.  Throughout the summer break, I knew that I had to come back and share that I am leaving the school.  I was not quite prepared for how difficult this would be and I will be leaving the ISUtrecht with mixed feelings.  This is such a special community and I have loved being part of it. However, it simply is time for my next challenge which I am also really looking forward to.  It is also important that you know that the board is working hard towards finding the right person to take over and that I am committed to serve the school with the same enthusiasm as always until the winter break. 

Wishing you all a wonderful year at the ISUtrecht!