New school year, new secondary library
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New school year, new secondary library

Secondary Librarian Eleanor Good looks ahead to a new year filled with opportunities for reading and learning.

By Eleanor Good, Secondary Librarian

Greetings all and welcome to the start of a brand-new year here at ISUtrecht! My name is Eleanor Good, I have just started here and am very happy to be your new Secondary Librarian. Myself and our other Librarian, Ms. Ana Yao, would like to take this opportunity to introduce the library and tell you about some of the resources we have on offer!

At ISUtrecht, secondary students are able to access a wide range of materials, both online and in-print. We have top academic journals through databases like JSTOR and EBSCO, an entire ISU Virtual Library for eBooks, as well as many, many excellent physical books right here in the library as well. We are also currently looking for a new eBook library solution and hope to have that ready for you soon. Our Secondary book section is growing, and we hope that all ISUtrecht secondary students know of the great resources that we have here for them to use.

Banned Books Week

In addition, we will be celebrating Banned Books Week later this month from September 27th – October 3rd. While censorship is often not a concern here in The Netherlands, it is an issue for other libraries and schools around the world. As such, we seek to celebrate the many banned books we have in our own collection here at ISUtrecht, while drawing attention to instances of censorship happening across the globe.


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