Creativity and Culture Week
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Creativity and Culture Week

Instead of the yearly trip week, all MYP students participated in Creativity and Culture Week; three days of sports, creative workshops and challenging outdoor activities.

By Liam Moody, Leader of Middle Years

At the end of the academic school year 2019/20 we communicated that, due to covid-19 measurements, the MYP start of year school trips would not take place.

In place of these overnight school trips we decided to run a Creativity & Culture week, fully provided by the school. This took place on Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th September. The aim of this week was to provide students with the opportunity to be creative, which links to one of the four pillars of the school’s mission statement. We also wanted to promote team bonding, friendships and embracing challenges in new surroundings. If you want to see some of the action, please view this video on the school’s YouTube channel.

All the MYP grades (6-10) did three days of activities rotating between Poldersport, Sports Day and the creative workshops at school.

Creative Workshops

The Arts department were responsible for one of the days for each grade level. Over the course of three days all from grade 6 to 10 had a full day of creative workshops, delivered by professionals from the world of Dance, Art, Theatre and Music. These workshops were linked to the UN International Day for Peace and this year’s theme ‘Shaping Peace’. Students, in their mentor groups were randomly assigned two workshops from a list of: swing dancing, body percussion, block printing, Celtic lettering, social drama form and physical Drama form.

Sports Day

The PHE department was responsible for setting up a creative sports day. The students took part in a range of sports matches and challenges which promoted team bonding and communication. To find out more, please read this article by PHE teacher Yasmin Bakker.


The third day focussed on team bonding and embracing challenges in new situations. The students traveled by bus to Poldersport de Kwakel, an outdoor activities centre in the midst of a typical Dutch landscape with cows, meadows and wide ditches.

Curious to see what our students did during Culture and Creativity Week? Please view this video on the ISUtrecht YouTube channel.