Exam results and graduation ceremonies
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Exam results and graduation ceremonies

On Sunday, 5 July 2020, the IB released this year’s long-awaited results for our Diploma students. Without examinations, the process has been filled with surprises, uncertainties, and anticipation for all people involved: students, teachers, parents, and school administration. 

By Olivia Ayes, Geertje van Hal and Ingrid Schmoutziguer; picture: class of 2019

We are extremely proud of our 31 students who have achieved the IB Diploma. Three students received full scores for TOK/EE. Our highest achieving student received 40 points. This brings us to a 82% passing rate, which is commendable because of our inclusive philosophy in accepting and supporting students the best we can to achieving their goals. While we expected slightly higher results, as did numerous schools around the world, we are very pleased with how our students and teachers have worked with such drive and gumption to get to the finish line. 

Over the coming weeks and months, we are working towards helping those who need a little more time and support to successfully complete requirements. They will be taking exams during the November 2020 session. They are all in good shape with a plan of action that will get them to their full diploma in due time.

Graduation Ceremonies

After long months of hard work, it is now time to celebrate the success of our students in the best way possible during COVID-19 times. We kick off the festivities on Wednesday 15 July with the grade 10’s completing the Middle Years Programme. This is a streamed event, filmed by a professional company, allowing parents to be part of the ceremony online.

Later that day 31 DP students will receive their diploma. In order for parents to be present, the ceremony will take place in two sessions. Group 1 and their parents will come in for their graduation mid afternoon. After the ceremony parents will leave and the students of group 2 will join those of group 1 for a drinks party. At the end of this party the students of group 1 will leave and the parents of the group 2 students will join their children for a second early evening graduation ceremony. Because of the limitation in the number of family members who can attend the festivities, the ceremonies will also be filmed and streamed by a professional company.

Bridging Ceremony

Last, but certainly not least is the grade 5 bridging ceremony, marking the end of the Primary Years Programme and the transition of these students to secondary. This ceremony takes place on Thursday 16 July. This event will be professionally filmed and parents will all get access to this film, so they can watch the event together with their child(ren) at a later time. We will also live stream the bridging ceremony via Instagram. To see this, please sign up to Instagram and follow International School Utrecht. On Thursday 16 July from 9:00, you will be able to see the live stream om Stories (find the International School Utrecht circle at the top of your home screen).