DP Graduation 15 July 2020
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DP Graduation 15 July 2020

We proudly present to you the class of 2020 of the International School Utrecht! After a bizar academic year, we felt so blessed to be able to celebrate with our students and their parents!

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

To celebrate in a safe and responsible way and to accommodate parents, we split the cohort into two groups. Group A were welcomed in school at 15:00. After their ceremony, parents left, but students stayed. Students in group B joined their peers in group A for a drinks party (with mocktails from a funky bar) that lasted until 17:30. Parent from group B were welcomed in at 17:45 for the group B ceremony. You can watch a video clip of the graduation here.

Diploma Programme coordinator Geertje van Hal, started the ceremony by explaining it is an inclusive ceremony, meaning that the students who still need to complete all the Diploma requirements in November were also invited. ‘We are so proud of each and everyone of you’, she told the students. ‘You all worked incredibly hard to get here and we are very happy to celebrate with you.’

Olive Ayes, who takes over the role of Leader of Diploma Years from Geertje van Hal then introduced the keynote speaker for the ceremony, Jenny Gillet. Ms Gillet is a senior curriculum manager at the International Baccalaureate based in The Hague. She talked to the graduating students about the year they’ve had saying that ‘we can’t have control over what live throws at us, but we can control how we react to these things’. Ms Gillet also told them that it is ok to not know exactly what you want to do or become at this point in their lives; reassuring them that they will figure it out and reminding them of the fact that their ‘IB education hasn’t just taken them to this point, but that it will allow them later to go further more easily’. (A quote from Jerome Bruner).

Next up to address the audience, was valedictorian Shireen, who with 40 out of 45 points IB exam points and full marks for the Core requirements was our top student. She also looked back on a tough year and commemorated her fellow students on their resilience and determination. ‘When we go on to further education there will be times too, when we stumble and need to pick ourselves up’, she said. ‘When this happens just be reminded of what Dory (from the film Finding Nemo) would say: Keep swimming!’

Shireen also told the students to stay true to themselves an to keep in mind that : ‘We are all average, but average can achieve greatness and it doesn’t matter whether this is recognised by the whole world or recognised by just a few other people.’

Head of School, Rynette de Villiers then lead the students through moving the tassel on their cap. ‘When you are a high school student, you wear the tassel on the right. Moving the tassel from the right to the left, means that you are now graduated.’