One last rehearsal… or not?
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One last rehearsal… or not?

You can hear the nervous giggles and the talking coming closer and the anticipation is evident: “what are we doing today?” somebody asks nervously. The students of the ISU drama troupe are walking into the main building of our school. It is a hot Wednesday afternoon, June 24th, 15.00. There is one more musical rehearsal today.

By David de Geus, music teacher

For the students of the drama troupe the past three months have been particularly empty as they got robbed from the opportunity to perform their show in March, which was planned just two days after the government had to close the schools and cancel all events. Until now, we couldn’t even get together to practice. That is why we organised one more rehearsal at the end of the year to be together, share thoughts, and maybe go through the songs once more.

the cast of the international school utrecht musical production at the end of the day
The cast of the musical At the End of the Day

Once more – for me particularly, because I am moving with my family to Jamaica this summer and this will be my last moment with them as a group. With a tremble in my voice and a heavy heart I tell them that my journey with them ends here. It is a fantastic group of kids – I couldn’t wish for a sweeter, more dedicated group of students to do a musical with. I did two with them in my four and a half years at ISUtrecht and this was supposed to be our third. 

Metaalkathedraal: here we (finally) come!

But… then is my moment to tell them the good news: we have found new dates!! On November 10, 11 and 12 2020 we will perform At The End Of The Day at the MetaalKathedraal in Utrecht. A sigh of relief goes through the aula and quickly makes place for excitement and sharing of thoughts about this. They are so happy that their work so far is not for nothing and that they still get a chance to perform their piece for a real audience! 

Because it is really their piece. Artistic Director Ellie Gramatikovska has worked with them in such a way that most of what you will see in the show is the students’ own idea. The songs and most of the characters are all from the famous musical “Les Miserables”, but they have put a contemporary and original spin on it. Worth watching, for sure. I will watch it from far away, but you will be able to see these wonderful students live in action in November!

Musical video

-> Stay tuned these next few weeks for the release of our third music video: “At The End Of The Day” which will also include the announcement of the show November 10-12, 2020. 

We get to singing some of the songs and it sounds strong, exciting! It also really hurts a little, because I realise what we have made together and I will have to miss these guys. At the end of the day they run out the front door with the same playfulness as always and I hear: “this was NOT our last rehearsal!”. The giggles and laughter fade away…

It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to teach music at International School Utrecht, I will never forget the things we did together and the music we made.