Music students rocking it with Pronkstukken
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Music students rocking it with Pronkstukken

The grade 10 music students had an inspiring workshop at concert hall TivoliVredenburg. During this two-day project they composed and performed their own music, inspired by Verdi’s requiem.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

Forming a symphonic orchestra, they came up with a musical story and also wrote the texts for the performance. Students who play an instrument brought this along, and students who don’t normally play an instrument are given various percussion instruments to play or performed the spoken parts.

Normally this workshop takes four days and culminates in a live performance at TivoliVredenburg, after which the students also listen to a professional orchestra performing the piece they used as an inspiration. Due to COVID-19 the students had a slightly different experience this time, with a shorter 2-day workshop and a filmed performance.

Creative music making

Nonetheless, they still had a powerful musical experience of composing and making music together as a group. Led by workshop leaders Guy Wampa Wood and Niels Vermeulen the students learned to get to the musical essence of what they wanted to convey; they also learned how to improvise, play a solo and to musically respond to each other.

Half of the students chose film as a visual art to express their ideas and made a film to which the other students’ music became the soundtrack. The end result has been released on YouTube.

TivoliVredenburg started their project Pronkstukken in 2014. The project is meant for secondary school students (aged 16-17) from Utrecht and surrounding municipalities. Pronkstukken gives them the opportunity to check out TivoliVredenburg, learn about classical music, to be part of a symphonic orchestra and to compose their own music via the creative music making method.