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Thursday 11 June was the day that we originally would have all been celebrating ArtBurst. If I close my eyes I can easily picture it: the enticing smells of food from all over the globe, the exiting students learning a new creative skill, the buzz around the big stage, the applause and the people wandering through the visual art exhibition deciding which art work they like best.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications. Pictures from ArtBurst 2019

This year it is all different of course. For starters, it rained on Thursday whereas ArtBurst is traditionally celebrated on a hot sunny day. Secondly I had to bring my own food to school today and thirdly there was no music.

Thursday 25 June

What hasn’t changed though is the community spirit and the celebration of the arts. Behind the scenes parents, staff and students have been working hard to change ArtBurst into HomeBurst.

It is with great joy that we can now announce that HomeBurst takes place on Thursday 25 June at 17:00. Make a date with all the members of your household, think about what snacks and drinks you will serve and where you will all sit when watching HomeBurst together. We will send out the link to HomeBurst on Monday 22 June.

We look forward to sharing this moment with you all!