Grade 5: a very special journey!
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Grade 5: a very special journey!

Grade 5 is a transitioning year for students who finish the Primary Years Programme while getting ready for the leap to secondary. Caterina and Sanvi will tell you about their year and their expectations for next year.

By Sanvi and Caterina, students 5 White, pictures from the grade 5 camp in Apeldoorn in October 2019 and the pizza party following the Exhibition on 12 June 2020

I am Caterina, and I have been in the International School Utrecht since Grade 1 (I am now in Grade 5). These 5 years of PYP have made me meet a lot of people from different cultures and religions, and I have met so many people who supported me during my PYP journey.

Grade 5 was the biggest challenge of all, and it was a big step from Grade 4, sometimes it was hard, but overall, it was an awesome year. Camp at the start of the year was great, because I learned so many new things about my friends, and the activities that we did were fun.

Every day at school was different and I learned so many fun and new things. The Exhibition was the biggest thing in Grade 5, and I became much more independent, confident, knowledgeable through it, and I learned a lot about my topic.

Online school was a challenge at first, but after a while it flowed easily. I think that the teachers did a good job teaching us from home, especially when we were starting the Exhibition. I don’t think there was ever a dull moment when I was at school these past five years.

I am very excited to start Grade 6! I think it will be very fun to have new classes, and probably so many new friends. It will be the first year in the MYP, but I am confident that it will be great. It will be a new experience and I am excited but also nervous. I am looking forward to having new and different subjects, and different teachers. I also think that Service As Action will be fun and will also make us be more independent and I can’t wait to be in the new building, too.

Thank you, ISU! And PYP teachers, friends, and community!

Dear ISU, 

Hi. My name is Sanvi and I am 10 years old I am going to be telling you about my experience during Grade 5 to Grade 6.  

I think that the Grade 5 is one of the most special grades in the entire PYP. It is the last Grade before you go to secondary. I experienced a whole different thing this year. In Grade 5 we take more challenging trips and experiences than in other Grades in PYP, for example: Camp, Exhibition and more.

In Grade 5 I feel we are meant to show our entire learning in PYP put in one. I also learned more advanced units and subjects. In Grade 5 I had to do a lot of independent work and a lot of group work. Teachers also push us into trying to act like secondary students because the difficulty level will rise in all subjects. I am nervous for that.

One of the biggest things which has happened to me in Grade 5 is the Exhibition. In the Exhibition I had to do research on a topic which I found interesting.  This year was a bit different from all the others since it was all online, but it was great according to the current circumstances of the Covid-19. In the Grade 5 I feel I had more time with my friends than I think we are going to have in Grade 6.  

In Grade 6 the teachers will expect a lot from me and my friends. Another scary thing is that they will not keep reminding us about homework and other necessary jobs to be done. In Grade 6 everything will be harder because we will have to face things we have not faced before like tests and unbalanced days. In grade six we also must be independent. We will keep having to make projects and other forms of independent work. Although, one great change which happens in the Grade 6 is that we are more online than on notebooks and pads.

This is all the stuff which I have been told about Grade 6 from some friends I have in that grade. My reports will only have my scores of tests and that is scary. I really like how we must run around the buildings and get separate rooms with your mentor. In Exhibition we had mentors and mine was really kind.   

That is the end of my article and I hope you enjoyed reading it!   

Kind regards  

Sanvi (Grade 5 White)