Grade 3 remote learning about consumers
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Grade 3 remote learning about consumers

During the online learning period, the grade 3 children began their 5th unit on Consumers. This was an interesting and unique experience for them, as they had to completely start a new unit from scratch, whilst staying at home!

By Natalie Benedetto, classroom teacher 3 Red

However, they rose to the challenge and really showcased some great learning and creativity. Here are a few examples of their work.

Persuasive Writing

One area we focused on for Language was persuasive writing, and what an advertisement is. This notion of advertisements led to some very interesting discussions about the language and visual aspects of advertisements. We looked at posters, billboards, and even video commercials. Our favourite commercial was the Coca Cola Brotherly Love video.

Improving work

Once we learned about the features and language of advertisements, it was time to start creating our own! The students had a challenge of taking a generic Cola can and making a poster that was eye-catching and interesting for the audience. This included creating a logo and slogan.

Friendship Poster

We learned that advertisements can use superlative and comparative adjectives to make it more eye catching. 3 Red had the job of making a poster of themselves as friend, and try to persuade the audience as to why they would be a perfect friend for them. We loved using words such as “the funniest” and “the coolest”!

From that poster, the children then made a video commercial of why they are a good friend. They were very creative and came up with some great slogans and jingles!

Back to school

Even though the unit was completed online, when we returned to school we had to have conversations about hygiene and cleanliness in the classroom. Using their knowledge of advertisements, the children created their very own cleaning product and made a poster to convince others to buy it. We think they did a great job and would be very interested to buy some of their cleaning supplies to keep our classroom safe and clean!