Students perform in online guitar concerts
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Students perform in online guitar concerts

Four weeks ago I had the enormous pleasure of hosting sixteen different online concerts. My guitar students played beautiful pieces by Bach, Sor, Piazzolla, Imagine Dragons, Metallica and also some traditional songs for each other via Skype.

By Susana Opanski, after school guitar teacher at ISUtrecht

I invited the more advanced students from all my teaching places, including the ISUtrecht, to take part in the concerts. I mixed all the participants up and then divided them into smaller groups.

When I reached out to the parents I told them Johan Cruijff (a well-known Dutch soccer player) once said: Elk nadeel heb zijn voordeel… (each bad thing also has a positive side. In this case, not having any time or space limitation really helped organise these concerts. I asked parents to also be in the picture, to wear something they like, to choose a nice chair or couch, to relax and to enjoy 30 minutes of live music. 

Guest from all over the world

What made it even more special, was that every performer could invite someone whom they had not seen for a long time, who was sick or alone, to listen to the concert online. So we had guests from different parts of The Netherlands and even from a hospital where one of the dads works, but also from Brazil, Belgium, India, Argentina and Italy where some very emotional grandparents enjoyed their grandson’s performance

To add a more artistic touch to all the concerts, I asked some guitar players from my Studenten Gitaar Ensemble to play a solo or a duo, and my daughter Laura, a professional violin player, to play some music with me.

The power and magic of music

The parents were very enthusiastic. Now that the Corona measures are a bit more relaxed, it probably feels a bit different, but four weeks ago you could really sense that the power and the magic of music brought some refreshing air to everyone’s home.

When I embarked on this project, I was a bit nervous, worrying that we would have problems with internet connections, or the computer camera’s and microphones, but everything went well. I am so proud of all my students!