Building work has started on the primary playground
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Building work has started on the primary playground

As our KG parents will have noticed (they are still allowed on the playground to drop off their young children) and your children might have told you, building work has started on the primary playground. The builders are currently preparing the site for a new addition, offering the school 10 extra classrooms.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

To the dismay of our primary and grade 6 students the football cage has been taken down and carted off on large machines. Although it was exciting to watch this (from behind a sturdy fence), it was also a bit sad. The good news, however, is, that the football cage has moved to a new playing field at the back of neighbouring school UniC and will be ready for our students to use as of next week!

The students will access the new playing field through a temporary gate opposite the entrance to the brown gym as you can see on the drawing below.

The machinery is now using a temporary road with an entrance on the Admiraal Helfrichlaan (marked in turquoise). This fenced off road provides access to the fenced off building site on the ISUtrecht playground. The playing field is situated opposite the brown gym.

To access the new playing field, the students will walk round the building site, take the gate toward the Early Years playground, turn left to walk alongside the brown gym and use a temporary gate to get to the fenced off playing field.

The fenced off building site on the playground. The wooden markings show the outline of the new building.

New Building

The ground floor of the new building will house four grade 3 classrooms and a secondary classroom which will be used for teaching both visual arts and design. The second floor will consist of three secondary classrooms, a teacher workspace and storage room and a secondary science room. There will be toilets for boys, girls and staff on both floors. The new addition will enable the school to offer 200 extra students a place at the ISUtrecht.

The new building, and playing field, which will be finished in August 2020.

Playing Field

After the building work is finished, a tall hedge will be planted between the paved area at the back of UniC and the new playing field. The ISUtrecht and UniC will alternate their break times, meaning the playing field and football cage will also be used by the students from UniC. As you can see on the drawing above, both the climbing frame and swing bars will be placed back at the existing playground after the building work is finished. This in effect means that from August onwards primary students can either play around the new building – the running tracks, climbing frame and swing bars will be available – or on the playing field and/or football cage at the back of UniC.  As primary is gaining quite a large new play area behind UniC, we will look at the division of play area once it is all completed in order to allocate some additional space to secondary.