Celebrating creativity together
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Celebrating creativity together

With Corona preventing us from organising our annual ArtBurst festival; we had to be extra creative. Changing it to HomeBurst means we will still celebrate creativity together. Online!

By Judith ‘O Brien, secondary English and Drama teacher

ArtBurst has been an integral event in the ISUtrecht school calendar for five years now. It has been an annual event to look forward to, where the whole school community can immerse themselves in the Arts for a full day, along with all the joy and energy that being creative can bring.

Traditionally, ArtBurst is a day where all of the students in both primary and secondary have a day filled with artistic endeavors, such as: Music and Drama performances, Art and Design workshops, and many other activities. We all know that this year is a little different, but we also know that ISUtrecht students love to be creative and their creative energy and enthusiasm is still there bubbling under the surface, just waiting to burst out! Don’t worry, we have been busy here at ISUtrecht coming up with creative solutions to make ArtBurst special this year.

Creative juices have been flowing

Picture by The Guardian

I have been so impressed with how artistic people all over the world have been inventive during this lock down period. Art galleries have created virtual museums, while theatres and opera houses have live-streamed a steady supply of wonderful performances to entertain one and all. I wonder if you have watched the clips on Youtube or on the news of talented musicians playing music from their balconies in Italy, or singers serenading their neighbours in Spain, mums uploading dance routines with their sons in China and upbeat policemen dancing on the streets in Columbia. So, the ArtBurst team have taken a leaf out of this creative book and have come up with a creative solution for this unusual year and we have named it Homeburst!

Boredom can lead to creative sparks

Home. In recent weeks, we have all spent more time at home than we usually do, and our homes have become more important than ever before. Maybe you have discovered your favorite spots to enjoy in your home or garden during this period. In fact, I’m sure that sometimes you have been bored but the funny thing is that sometimes boredom can lead to a creative spark, which leads to creating something special. Like many others we have watched online, you might have become more creative by doing Tik Tok dance challenges, creating original artworks, writing a story or script, or singing songs. Even baking a cake can be very creative and delicious too of course!

The Wind In The Willows

ISUtrecht’s Homeburst 2020 will be a unique artistic event, which will combine three arts: story telling (theatre), visual art and literature. We have asked families and some ISUtrecht staff to collaborate on creating a short film. Those who volunteered will film themselves reading a short extract from an adapted version of The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Perhaps you are familiar with this famous classic story? If not, it is a heart-warming tale with a range of animal characters such as the mole, the rat, the toad and the badger. The story is a simple tale of friendship, having adventures and…finding one’s way home.

It is a story that you can enjoy at any age. In June, this film will be shared with the whole school community. If you are actively involved in making the film, we hope that you thoroughly enjoy the experience. We also hope that the whole ISUtrecht community can become part of our Home Burst story, by watching the film online. Let’s celebrate creativity together again this year!


With ArtBurst, there always has to be some kind of surprise and this year will be no different. So, be prepared for an additional creative surprise that will follow on from the film. All I can say is that it will be sweet…So, stock up on some popcorn or whatever you fancy, because Homeburst 2020 is coming soon-to your home in June!