Quarantine Times sees the light
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Quarantine Times sees the light

The grade 6’s worked hard on their own newspaper. As a sign of the times they called it the Quarantine Times!

By Tommas Houterman and Thomas Middleton, secondary English teachers

On Tuesday 12 May our lovely grade 6 students finally returned to school. Obviously, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation as they all gathered in the Annex.

After a relaxed start to the morning, classes soon picked up pace and all were ready and eager to get back to their daily routines. We have very much enjoyed the luxury of lots of space in our first 3 weeks back but do miss our fellow MYP classes in other grades.


In the last three weeks of online learning the grade 6 students worked on their very own newspaper, filled with positive news stories, feature articles and hilarious entertainment tidbits. They enjoyed being given the titles and responsibilities of being editors and editor-in-chief! It took some time and effort to coordinate and finish the newspaper, but the Quarantine Times is now live!

Laptop-free Unit

After wrapping up the newspaper unit, grade 6 started their final unit of the year: Literature Circles. Despite some issues with book deliveries we managed to find five fun and interesting books that the students are very enthusiastic about: The Kite Rider, Johnny and the Bomb, I was a Rat, Time-travelling with a Hamster and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. We, and the students, are thrilled that this unit is completely laptop-free after spending so many days staring at screen for online learning.