Wellbeing Challenge
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Wellbeing Challenge

For those of you not active on Instagram we thought to supply you with all the wellbeing challenges so far. Although they each have a date, that doesn’t mean you cannot still do them (apart from the Easter egg challenge may be). With a two week May break you might find it helps to keep boredom at bay to get the children involved in one or more of these challenges.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

The social media team (Anne Logman, Ana Yao, Brandi Brittain, David de Geus, Grasyntha Mellanie, Jenna van der Vegte, Karin Oyarzo, Katharina Scherpel, Kris Coorde, Liam Moody, Maria Campos, Noa Hilevitz, Olivia Ayes, Poyee Li-Sumpton, Sarah Hempenstall and myself) have had a lot of fun trying to come up with and participate in all of these challenges. It has been a bit of light relief on very full and sometimes boring days working from home and it certainly helped to us to stay connected.

Have fun!