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It was a huge disappointment for the cast of the ISUtrecht production At the end of the Day. The cast, musicians, stage managers and production team worked so hard to perfect the show, only to discover that a week before the performances, all events were canceled due to the coronavirus.

Of course director Elena Gramatikovska , together with music teachers David de Geus and Juan Osorio have thought of a way for the performers to show you what they can do. Every week they work together on a song* from the musical, bringing it to you from their garden (very brave!), bedroom, living room or kitchen. They act and sing, accompanied by a track that Mr Osorio has made for them.

To remind you At of the End of the Day is an adaptation made by the students and Ms Gramatikovska of the musical les Miserables. You will see and hear a cruel master and a group of mothers and children working in a sweatshop producing cheap fashion. There will be an uprising, but will it succeed?

You’ll have to tune in to find out! So ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for:

The cast of musical @home

*So far the students have worked on Castle on a cloud and Master of the house. To be continued after the break.