Celebrating Earth Day in Grade 3!
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Celebrating Earth Day in Grade 3!

In Grade 3 Blue, teachers and students have been challenging each other on a daily basis to take better care of the Earth in celebration of Earth Week!

By Hannah Burger, intern grade 3 Blue

For example, we had “Mindful Monday” when the challenge was to be mindful of the amount of water we use daily and to try to not waste any water. The children showed that this can be done by doing simple things, such as turning off the tap while brushing their teeth or reusing water and watering the plants.

Food Waste

Then, we had Thoughtful Tuesday where the children were challenged to be more aware of the amount of waste, such as food waste, we all produce and how to deal with this. The children came up with great ideas and they showed each other how they separated their rubbish so that it can be recycled. We also spoke to our students about not wasting food.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Earth Day with the whole of grade 3! The children watched a few videos about our planet and why it is so important to look after it. They also saw a video about the Earth Day movement. The children then posted pictures on SeeSaw showing how they look after the Earth from their homes.

Everybody can participate

They came up with ideas to for example take your own fabric bag to the supermarket instead of using plastic bags. They also created new things out of plastic objects. The students showed us that we can take care of our planet in many different ways and that everybody can participate in their own way.

Grade 3 also created a Padlet and shared their ideas on here, a nice way for the whole grade to celebrate Earth Day together from their homes.

So let’s all take a moment and think about what we can do to take care of our planet Earth!