PHE Challenge of the Day
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PHE Challenge of the Day

As of last Wednesday 18 March, we have been uploading a ‘PHE Challenge of the Day’ for primary and secondary students onto our ISU PHE YouTube channel. Being ambassadors of physical activity and healthy lifestyles, we figured we must make an effort to try and keep our students fit and entertained while they’re off school.

By Wouter van Slobbe, PHE teacher

We feel this is especially important given the vast amount of time they are forced to spend in a sedentary condition at the moment.  So we decided to stand up against sitting down!

Every day, a separate challenge is produced and posted for primary early years (KG, Grade 1, and Grade 2), primary upper years (Grade 3, 4, and 5), and MYP students. Exercises vary from doing a plank for as long as possible, to playing mini golf in the living room.

‘We stand up to sitting down!’

So far we have received great response from students, as well as from parents and staff. And we even have to admit (with pain in our hearts); some students have been beating our own scores!

Thanks to everyone who has already committed to some of the challenges. You are doing a great job, keep it up! For those who are curious, please go and check out our ISU PHE YouTube channel. It’s a great way for both you and your child to breach the hours of screen time and stay fit!

Suggestions welcome

Should you have a good idea for a challenge, we are open to suggestions from our participants; just send us an e-mail!

Take care and stay healthy everyone! Team PHE:
Jeroen Lamme, Nick Bolhuis, Liam Moody and Wouter van Slobbe