DP Art Exhibition
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DP Art Exhibition

The first day schools were closed was a special one for our 7 DP Visual Arts exam candidates. After days of measurements and more measurements to contain the spread of the coronavirus, they finally got the go ahead. There was going to be an exhibition, albeit one that lasted for just an hour and where each exam candidate could only invite their parents.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

It was a very special moment nonetheless for these proud students and parents. A moment in which to celebrate hard work & perseverance. Head of school Rynette de Villiers told the students in her opening words that: “Success in not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” (Winston Churchill), referring to the journey the students have been on for the past two years. Students experienced highs and lows, went through periods of enthusiasm and despair, but they each made it to the exhibition!


Congratulations to Linn, Gabriele, Demetra, Defne, Juliette, Babette and Sofiya and of course to their teachers Grasyntha Mellanie and Annabel Kjar on reaching this milestone! A heartfelt thank you also goes to school parent and artist Soyoung Shin, who not only taught several guest workshops, but also supported the students on their journey.

Online Exhibition

Please enjoy this online mini exhibition!

Face Me/Face You by Juliette. “The development of five different faces are shown through this piece, each painted with different colored ink and color combinations to show its uniqueness. One’s progress from being one with others towards being one with themselves is conveyed through the colorful faces, each row a different stage of being. The blankness of the faces shows how it could be anyone and represents humanity’s constant personal development and change. What is your stage, and how do you feel about yourself?”
A Sight to See; Look at Me by Linn. “This piece was mainly inspired by Francesca Woodman’s art and photos and portrays the anxiety of being visible. Anxiety of showing who you are to the outside world. There are two figures of the same person, one holding a phone and showcasing their inner self to the world, and one in front of the camera being their inner self.”
Malleable, by Demetra. “Stereotypes can get to us and affect our identities deeply, changing us according to society’s standards. If we let them, they can slowly and painfully modify us, like hands shaping clay, until we will no longer be who we wanted to. We will slowly become unaware of this and adapt to a version of us we think reflects who we truly are, but that only actually reflects what society truly is.”
Flowing Ocean Waves by Gabriele. “The piece portrays a segment of the ocean, the ocean is a meaningful and present corporeality of the undersigned. The piece is inspired by past memories, where the clashing of waves created irregular and overlapping shapes that mesmerized and intrigued the artist. Furthermore the title implicitly reveals the material utilized, water-based media.”
External Control by Babette. “This piece shows how external people can affect someone to such extent that it can change their whole mentality. When people continuously call a person negative names, it will affect that person. By collecting these negative words from people’s experience in our community, I created this piece, where I do not aim to show the negativity, but the affect caused by it.”
Aesthetic Desk by Defne. “I combined the sketches I made of plants on art paper with a digitally illustrated desk. The plants look like they were cut out from their paper and pasted into their pots, with their soft and bumpy outlines. Although the setting is heavily composed of cold colors, the plants help make this setting look more pleasing. The aim is to show how the desk by itself is bland, however with the plants the desk looks cozier and more approachable as the place to spend time with.”
Black (Caesura) by Sofiya. “Isolation and individuality. A result of exhaustion, desire of escape from society and social discomfort. (A reflection of the stresses produced in a work/social environment.)”