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ISUtrecht on Instagram

Did you know you that on Instagram you can find a wealth of information about daily life and all the learning that goes on at the International School Utrecht?

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

Two years ago, I started with a school Instagram account, because I liked the format Instagram offers. The saying: “A picture says more than a 1000 words”, is especially true for this platform which is all about pictures.


Soon I realised that by creating a small team of social media enthusiasts we could make learning visible across the school. Since we started almost two years ago, new teachers have joined the social media team, but our mission stayed the same: to showcase what and how students learn at the ISUtrecht!

To give you an impression of how we feature on Instagram, please watch this short clip.


There is no need to follow us all (although you can!); simply choose the grades/subjects that interest you most. Of course you can also follow the hashtag #isutrecht.

Where to find us on Instagram:

  • International School Utrecht – content: Ingrid Schmoutziguer
  • Msscherpel_isutrecht – content: Katharina Scherpel, classroom teacher 3 Blue
  • Msdudgeon_isutrecht – content: Lindsey Dudgeon, classroom teacher 2 Blue
  • Mrmoody_isutrecht – content: Liam Moody, leader of Middle Years and PHE teacher
  • missmaria_isutrecht – content: Maria Campos, classroom teacher kindergarten green
  • mslogman_isutrecht – content: Anne Logman, secondary Dutch Language and Literature teacher
  • kgyellow_isutrecht – content: Brandi Brittain, classroom teacher kindergarten yellow
  • mrkris_isutrecht – content: Kris Coorde, classroom teacher kg, grade 5 and computational thinking
  • music_isutrecht – content: David de Geus, music teacher
  • library_isutrecht – content: Noa Hilevits, primary librarian
  • msjenna_isutrecht – content: Jenna van der Vegte, secondary Individuals & Societies teacher
  • visualart_isutrecht – content: Grasyntha Mellanie, secondary visual art teacher
  • msayes_isutrecht – content: Olivia Ayes, secondary English Language and Literature teacher and Extended Essay coordinator
  • msoyarzo_isutrecht – content: Karin Oyarzo – secondary Spanish Language Acquisition teacher
  • msanayao_isutrecht – content: Ana Yao, primary computational thinking teacher, secondary librarian, secondary Approaches to Learning teacher
  • design_isutrecht – content: Poyee Li, secondary Design teacher

The school on other social media

Of course you can also find te school on Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube. The Parent Support Group can be found on Facebook.