Global Play Day at ISUtrecht
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Global Play Day at ISUtrecht

On Wednesday 5 February the entire primary school participated in Global Play Day for the first time. The students were given the chance to enjoy a full day of (supervised) unstructured play.

By Katharina Scherpel, classroom teacher 3 Blue

The purpose of this day was not to just take a day off from academic work and play, but to offer students opportunities to interact with each other, use their imagination, cooperate and resolve conflicts. Before the children started to play, classes spoke about Global Play Day by coming up with a definition of the word play, discussing why play is important and making agreements.

Children brought in their own games

Classroom doors were open on this day, which allowed children to move freely between classrooms, especially in upper primary, and play with children they don’t usually get the chance to interact with. Children brought in their own games and therefore were able to teach their friends new games. Even both gyms were available and supervised by the PHE staff.  

The idea behind Global Play Day

According to the organisation Global Play Day, children nowadays do not always grow up playing and this has a negative impact on them in many ways. Peter Gray mentioned in his TedX talk that it is time to return the gift of play to this generation. This is what started the idea of creating Global Play Day.

The rules

To make Global Play Day a succes, there are three simple guidelines:

  1. No screens: Children should bring in toys but no electronic toys or devices.
  2. No structure: Teachers should not structure their students’ play.
  3. Stay out of the way: Teachers should not interfere.
Written by Phoebe (3B)

Newspaper articles

Children in grade 3 are currently exploring recount writing in their language lessons and wrote ‘Newspaper articles’ about this exciting day! Please enjoy reading articles written by Phoebe (above), Ben and Mia.

On Wednesday the 5th of February 2020, it was Global Play Day at ISUtrecht. First my friends and I played hide and seek tag. Next, two of my friends and I went to the big gym and played dodgeball, did parkour too and we got to hit Mr. Lamme with dodgeballs. Then, we went back and played some more hide and seek. The day was so fun, I loved that day.

Written by Ben (3B)

On Wednesday the 5th of February it was Global Play Day. On Global Play Day we, Grade3 Blue, went to fetch KG blue and brought them to our classroom to play. We played with KG Blue for a half an hour, we all had lots of fun. After we spent a little bit of Global Play Day with KG Blue, we took all of them back to their own classroom. After that we played with our own toys for some time. There were also separate groups to go to the big gym at different times. There were some kids from Grade 3 Blue, Grade 3 Red, Grade3 White, and all of the grades in upper primary. In the big gym there were lots of different things to do like, monkey bars, jumping equipment and also handball. After all of us went to the big gym we had our snack and outside play. Then we played some more, after we were playing, it was time to get our jackets and bags to go get ready to go home. And that was how we celebrated Global Play Day!

Written by Mia (3B)