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At the end of the day

Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 March the ISU Drama Troupe will perform their third musical theatre production At the end of the Day, based on Les Misérables. Where? In the suitable location Metaal Kathedraal in Utrecht starting each evening at 7.30 pm sharp! How ‘suitable’? Come and see!

By Erick Aufderheyde, secondary performing arts teacher

This school year, Macedonian theatre director and music teacher Elena Gramatikovska was hired to work closely together with music teachers David de Geus and Juan Osorio on a contemporary musical theatre version of the musical “Les Miserables”. She replaced Erick Aufderheyde, who is focusing on his linguistic study at the university this year.

Mr De Geus, Ms Gramatikovska and the students started last September with creating an original script. After discussing the original story by Victor Hugo, who created a romantic epic around social injustice in revolutionary times, they created their own modern day version. The upcoming ISUtrecht production will focus on the impact of modern-day slave labour for the Western fashion industry, or as the company has phrased it, ‘a story about oppression and how a new generation fights its way out’. 

A new element in this production is the participation of four music teachers in the music ensemble, who will accompany alongside our students the eight songs from the original musical.

DP Visual Art Exhibition

What is also new this year is that the audience can combine seeing the musical with visiting the DP Visual Art Exhibition at the Metaal Kathedraal. Our DP visual arts exam candidates will showcase their work in the beautiful exhibition space (as you can see on the left) at the Metaal Kathedraal and the students will be there during the day, but also in the early evenings (before the show) to tell you about their work.

Drama Troupe

The ISU-Drama Troupe is an on-going creative initiative from the performing art teachers as an after-school activity. The goal is to present a musical theatre production or a theatrical music production. A large group of students learn to work in and around a stage production, which will be performed in a professional theatre location outside of school in Utrecht. They rehearse on especially reserved hours at the end of a Wednesday afternoon and on certain Saturdays to have mega-rehearsals bringing everything together.

Part Two!

In the next bulletin, there will be a second article about the musical and the remarkable work process, with a bit more on Victor Hugo, and why a classic can still have such an impact nowadays (that’s why it’s a classic!). Furthermore, a detailed description how music and the spoken word work closely together to express, inform and impact the spectator’s thinking and personal awareness, all based on interviews of participating students and teachers.