Winter Dinner 2019
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Winter Dinner 2019

Yesterday, ISUtrecht celebrated their annual Winter Dinner – the end of the year celebration that combines the magic of winter and the excitement of the holidays.

By Josephine Zelleke, classroom teacher 3 White

Grade 3 White has been counting down the days where we could put on our best clothes, bring in our favourite dish and put our secret Santa gift under our class-made Christmas tree. Once we had all arrived at 18:00, we sat down at our table and had a feast that was prepared, with love, by the parents.

Winter spirit

While we were sitting down and enjoying our dinner as a class, the parents were treated to the musical stylings of the choir! I think that everyone must have been feeling the winter spirit, as even Ms. De Villiers, Mr. Jorrit, Ms. Jennifer, Mr. Juan and Mr David treated the parents to a song! 

Secret Santa

Back in Grade 3 White, the night proceeded with a game of storytelling and broken telephone that caused hearty laughter to echo around the class, beneath a string of Christmas lights. Finally, with our bellies full and our excitement never wavering, it was time for Secret Santa!

Presents were exchanged and within 5 minutes the only thing left under the tree was wrapping paper, and as if that wasn’t enough excitement for a school night, musical statues was played! With music booming out of the speakers, and every child dancing (and freezing), it is easy to see how this dinner is one of our favourite celebrations of the year.

After such a long couple of months of learning, making friends and early mornings, we like to end the year in style! 3 White wants to wish you all a wonderful break and a happy new year – see you in 2020!