Meet the community: Mukesh, Sara, Yiseon and Harshidha
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Meet the community: Mukesh, Sara, Yiseon and Harshidha

Ever since they inquired into water, Mukesh, Sara, Yiseon and Harshidha (students 2 Red) have been on a mission: Teaching the community how to become “Water Wise”.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

The Save Water Team

‘We found out about water pollution’, says Yiseon. ‘And we also learned that there are lots of people around the world who don’t have water.’ Sara: ‘This made us feel really bad and since we learned about persuasive writing at the same time, the four of us decided to write a letter to Ms de Villiers.’

In this letter they explained that they saw “a problem in our school”:

In our school garden we use a hose to water the plants. Children fill their bottles every day but they don’t drink the water they use and last year we had a water day which wastes so much water.
Last spring Mr Wychman together with staff and students created a school garden

Rain water

‘We think that children and their parents can do a lot to save water’, says Mukesh. ‘They should turn off the tap when they are brushing their teeth and take shorter showers. I am always telling my father to turn off the tap.’

Sara: ‘I think we should have some really big buckets in the school garden, so we can collect rain water. We could get all the chemicals out and use this water for washing, or painting, or we could leave the chemicals in and use it to water the plants.’


The children not only wrote to the head of school, they also posted a video on SeeSaw for their parents to watch. ‘My parents watched this video and they are now following everything I said’, announces Harshidha proudly. ‘It makes me really happy that they are now doing the right thing and that we are saving water.’

Did you know that:

  • You can help, by collecting rain water in your own garden?
  • You should turn off the tap while you are washing dishes?
  • Taking a shorter shower really saves a lot of water