Model United Nations
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Model United Nations

The past weekend 18 students from grades 9-11 attended the Model United Nations conference at the International School of The Hague.

By Ali Mohammed, business teacher and Lois Levett, school administration

The delegations were Nepal led by Emma (grade 10) as ambassador, Costa Rica led by Julia(grade 11), Czech Republic led by Valentin (grade 110 and Singapore led by Sophie (grade 10). The ambassadors were required to make opening speeches before the General Assembly.

Model United Nations conferences are held all over the world, to provide students with the opportunity to take part in a simulated United Nations conference. All participants represent an allocated country while trying to find solutions for global issues.


Over the weekend, our delegations merged and submitted resolutions, faced the scrutiny of the approval panel, made opening speeches about those resolutions and amended the resolutions of others. They also spoke for or against resolutions as a whole. It was many of our delegate’s first year at the conference, and we are glad that everyone had a good time!

At the end of a busy weekend we all made our way home- ready for the dreaded catchup work and the week’s summatives…