Meet the Community: Swati Jain
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Meet the Community: Swati Jain

Ever since school parent Swati Jain joined the Parent Support Group the main campus aula has never looked more lovely. Whatever the occasion, Swati and her colleagues get crafty.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

So far this academic year, we have enjoyed a Diwali themed Aula, some amazing family Movie Night displays and the Sinterklaas decorations go up as we speak. Of course they will do festive decorations for the Winter dinner too. Swati: ‘New this year is that we will celebrate carnival; so the school will get a Southern American vibe’.

Dutch traditions

‘I am a very happy person”, Swati says. ‘I like to celebrate as many different events as I can. That’s why nowadays together with her husband and two daughters she celebrates Sinterklaas at her house. ‘We put our shoes with the carrots out, we sing songs and eat pepernoten’. She laughs, ‘and why not, we’re in the Netherlands, we might as well enjoy the Dutch traditions.’

Extended vacation

She was to look at the move to Utrecht as a ‘one year extended vacation’ and a ‘chance to explore Europe’. After one year the family would move back to Mumbai, India. ‘So I quit my job as a scriber at Cap Gemini, and took my children out of the school they loved and we moved to the Netherlands’, Swati tells. Three years on the family is still here and Swati has found her place within the ISUtrecht community.

‘At first I missed my job’, she says. ‘But then I made some friends, started to explore the Netherlands and became a member of the Parent Support Group at school. Now I am being creative, I organise festivities and I love living in the Netherlands.’

Did you know that:

  • If you google “Sinterklaas decorations” you will find pictures of the International School Utrecht? Thanks to Swati and her team.
  • If you are a crafty parent you can join Swati’s team? She would love to meet you! Please get in touch through