Grade 5 students tell you about their camp
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Grade 5 students tell you about their camp

The grade 5 students take part in a camp experience each year. This time the students were responsible for planning and organising most of the activities they wanted to do during their time at camp.

By Charlene Anom, classroom teacher 5 Blue and students from 5 Blue and 5 White

The process of making decisions and ensuring that they had all the supplies for each activity was directly linked to our first unit, “How we organise ourselves”.

The students came up with fantastic ideas and after some discussions were able to prioritise what they wanted to do most. As they narrowed the list of ideas down the activities that they felt were the most important, it allowed for them to have an enjoyable experience at camp. The students have shared about how they thought camp went and we want you to hear some of their reflections about the trip to Apeldoorn.

Grade 5 Blue

At camp, we had lots of fun playing various games and activities, like Klimbos and flashlight tag. We went to a monkey zoo and it was exciting to see so many monkeys in one place. I thought that the monkeys were very funny in how they were acting. I felt free at the oval park, because there was a lot of space to run and equipment to play on.

– Rithwick

After each activity we were tired. We gave our best effort in everything we did. I was having difficulty with putting the bedsheet covers over the duvet and Ms. Charlene helped me. I liked having a campfire and roasting marshmallows to sandwich them between two chocolate covered biscuits.


Camp was a great way to spend quality time with our friends and to get to know people that we didn’t know well. I had a picture of what some people were like and once I got to know them, I realized that they were different than I thought. I also loved the fact that we could decide what we wanted to do. Having a choice made it so that we could enjoy doing the things we liked rather than the teachers choosing and then maybe not having as much fun.

-Sharath Bharadwaj

Grade 5 White (Combined reflection)

Everything started when we went in the bus. While we were in the bus we played Uno. We also ate most of our snacks and chatted with people beside us. It took 2 hours in the bus and we arrived there late because the bus was delayed by the farmer protest on the highway.


As soon as we arrived, we put all our bags into 3 rooms before we got our own rooms. We left the bags and went to Apenheul, a monkey zoo place with lots of cute monkeys. When we got there, my group decided to do the trail backwards to avoid busyness.

I enjoyed it because the monkeys were walking everywhere. Mr Wouter taught us to whistle into acorn cups and then we kept doing it until we got back to the hostel.

Flashlight tag

When we went back from the zoo the teachers told us our room groups. I would have liked it if they had told us our groups earlier. After that we had a normal day like at home but living with friends.

That night, we played flashlight tag but it was raining and it was also a choice if we wanted to play. I had already changed into my pyjamas and I used my pyjamas to play on a rainy night and my raincoat….Once I was running, I wanted to turn but I slipped on my pyjama pants and nobody was there so I needed to help myself. I liked it but I got muddy and dirty so I had to take a shower.

At bedtime we tried to sleep but we kept talking. Finally, Anona said a “speech” because the next day was Klimbos and we needed energy so we tried to sleep. After a few minutes one of our roommates started snoring so loud, so we laughed and we couldn’t stop laughing!


At Klimbos there were lots of different courses but we first had to go on a test zipline. Klimbos was fun and at first I was super scared (because I am afraid of heights) but when I tried it I loved it. I went on the brown level and got very scared. Luckily Kayla and Shambhavi were there to support and comfort me. We stayed there for a while and then we went to the playground.


At the playground there was a water pumping thing, swings, a rope to climb and many more fun things.When we got back to the hostel we roasted marshmallows (smores) and told spooky stories to each other. We could choose to tell creepy stories or not. The creepy stories were so cool. Mr Wouter told the creepiest story ever and then it was time for bed and I slept well.