Festival of lights
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Festival of lights

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. It symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness and good over evil. At ISUtrecht, we all believe in making good choices and working together in harmony to bring light to all our lives. 

By Raakhee Ramaiya, classroom teacher 1 Blue; pictures by Andrea Kfouri, school parent

It was beautiful to see the community come together irrespective of background and culture. We celebrated with delicious foods in the parents room and we all dressed up in traditional clothing. Some of us even had the confidence to take part in a fashion show, or to take part in various dance forms from around India signifying respect, worship and unity.

We are thankful to our wonderful students, teachers, parents and PSG members for their dances, to the mother tongue Hindi group who explained what they understood about Diwali and to the choir who sang their touching song about being connected to your roots even though you live so far away from your home country. It was truly heartwarming to see children from all backgrounds learn and sing this song in Hindi, which would have come as a challenge. Please watch this short film giving you a flavour of the celebrations at ISUtrecht.

Identity and sense of belonging

Celebrations are important in every culture as it determines our identity, belief and sense of belonging. We are a community who embrace differences with open arms and become risk takers to try different experiences. The morals and values we instill in our children, make them into the open minded and knowledgeable individuals for future generations to come. 

Hanuman, the monkey God

In grade 1, Ms Helen welcomed a storyteller who helped to act out the Diwali story using masks and other props. She acted out the part of the story where Ram, Sita and Lakshman were banished to the forest for fourteen years. She then got the children involved to rescue Sita from the ten headed demon, Ravan, as the helpers of Hanuman, the monkey God.


The children all joined in with holding their crafted paper divas to welcome Ram, Sita and Lakshman back to Ayhodya. From grade 1 blue, Andrey said “there is so much energy and movement in the dances…I really enjoyed the beat in the music”. His peer, Isabella stated “I loved making the joined class rangoli out of natural materials because we all followed patterns and we worked together to make something so pretty”.

Happy Diwali

We enjoyed taking part in the celebrations and we wish everyone a Happy Diwali!