Service learning fair
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Service learning fair

The service learning fair was held on Wednesday 16 October in the annex. On this day the students got the opportunity to sign up for service related activities within or outside the school.

By Nick Bolhuis, PHE teacher and service learning

The fair takes place to support students to meet their service learning requirements to pass the year, but also to present and show the rest of the school different projects that are taking place this academic year. The fair also offers an opportunity for members of staff who are presenting different possibilities to the students to help out within the school.

One component of an international baccalaureate education is the requirement for every secondary student (grades 6-12) to spend a certain amount of time on a service learning project. This is a project in which the student engages with the school or wider community in a way that benefits both parties. In MYP this is called Service as Action (SAA) and in DP this is called Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).

With my PHE team with manned a stand where we asked students to sign up for helping with sports events and King’s day, or to help with the PHE lessons in Early Years.

I also interviewed several students and teachers behind their stands and asked them what they had to offer in this service learning fair.

Connor & Natasha (DP 1):

We collect old phones from students at our school and people in the community. These phones are donated to the TARA organisation, who give the phones to girls at the Bodong Nunnery/Girls School in North-East India.  We hope to improve education and the environment in North-East India. We ask students at school to donate their old phones and we go door to door in our own neighborhood asking for used phones.

Sophie, Emma, Beata, Sam, and Judith (grade 10)

Our project is an opportunity for the school community to become more aware and inform themselves about the history of and topics concerning the LGBTQ+ community. We also want to create a safe environment where people within our community can share their thoughts and struggles and where they can meet people who have experienced similar struggles and fears.

Jeroen de Haas (MYP teacher), Angelo (8M), Wychman Dijkstra (PYP teacher)

Our gardening project started last year when, at the side of the primary building, we created big gardening beds. With the greenhouse already in place we are well suited to grow our own flowers and vegetables, and make a beautiful ISUtrecht green space. We always need help planning, sowing, harvesting, pruning etcetera. It’s good for the bees, butterflies and other insects, it’s good for the students and the ISUtrecht community, and it’s good for your own stomach as you get to take home tomatoes, corn, beans, strawberries, chillies, courgets and many other things! Get out of the stuffy classrooms and join us outside!

Paula & Jill (grade 7Y)

Our project is helping out with the movie night organised by the Parent Support Group. We will take care of the children and have a bake sale. The donations will go to a charity. The movie night will be for children from grades 5-8. The project will be held on 15 November from 18:00- 22:00