Nature, fun and games on Terschelling
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Nature, fun and games on Terschelling

The grade 6’s are on Terschelling this week. They will take it in turns to tell us about their adventures!

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications; pictures by liesl Little and Mirjam Schmidt

Episode 1 by Elin, Liri, Rachel, and Aarya

At 6:30 in the morning we left for the bus. We sat in the bus for 2 hours straight and when we got close to the end most kids got a bit bored. The bus stopped and everyone got off and got their luggage. Before we got on the ferry we had to wait at the dock for another hour.

The boat trip was a fun trip where most kids really enjoyed, we had to stay on there for 2 hours. While we were about to get off the boat, we could see the bike loan shop right across of us. Getting the bikes was a bit of a drama since everyone has different heights, so that took really long. After all that was done finally we could start biking to the motel.

When we arrived at the motel we got the keys to our dorm room and were allowed to settle in. not long after that we got to do a GPS trip. For this we were given a book (which told us where to go), a GPS, some batteries for if the GPS had low battery, a pen to write down the answers to the questions that were named in the book, and the people you were supposed to go with. Some groups got lost, some succeeded, some couldn’t find the answers, and some groups couldn’t get the answers and got lost.

After the bike ride we got the chance to do what we liked. Not long after that we had dinner. The time you should have been there was 6:00, but not naming any names: Kenza, Aarti, Aadithi, came a lot later because of movie problems. It just happened to be a moment after Mr. Lamme told us not to get late. How ironic.

After the food we again got the chance to do whatever till 10:00. At 10:00 we should have been in bed.

Episode 2 by Marthe and Simona

We cycled to the beach. On the beach we got sorted into 12 different groups. In each group we had to work together to win team building games. The way it worked was we had a rope with a buoy on it and each time we won a game we would win a buoy. Which we would put on the rope. One of the favourite games was carrying people up a hill. In your team you had to carry one person on the hill. It was very painful to lift the people up and when you were on the … ( No one knows what is called. It looks like an ambulance carrier ) your back would hurt a lot too. But no one got hurt 😉

After all the hard work we did we finally had lunch and got a very long break. Lots of kids played hide and seek in the dunes. The most interesting thing that happened at lunch was finding a dead headless bird.

Service As Action

After lunch, we did our service as action. THE BEACH CLEAN UP!!!! We were divided into two groups. One group stayed close to the entrance of the beach and cleaned that part of the beach, when the other group went further away in the beach in a truck to clean over there. We saw lots of dead crabs and jelly fishes. Still nobody got hurt, because we wore protective gloves and we got pincer or claw thingies to pick the trash up from the floor. Let’s just say, it was a successful service as action. And we found a lot of trash, the authors of this blog were very surprised at least.


On the way back, the host of the beach clean up, and who provided the truck for us had a dog. We were driving back to the main part of the beach and the dog started running after us. Everyone was so overwhelmed with cuteness. The dog was called Josje, which is after a famous singer and actor in both Holland and Belgium.

Then when we came back to the hostel and we had a very great dinner. After dinner we had a big BON FIRE! We roasted marshmallows on the fire and drank not so good lemonade. Some people liked it though. Some people told scary stories, and some people went in the dunes.

Episode 3 by Emilie and Sofia

In the beginning of the day, we went to the beach and we were split into two groups. One group would start off with golf and the other with power kiting.

During golf, we got split into groups of 5 and we would each stand by a bucket and we took turns to hit the golf ball as far as we could. Mason’s hits went the furthest, so Mr. Wouter and Mr. Lamme made a pun saying, “mason was so good at golf, he was amason(g)”


During power-kiting the wind was so strong we had to make trains of holding on to each other so we didn’t get dragged, and go into the sea! Luckily, No one was hurt during the process ;). After we switched we played in the dunes and bought hot chocolate

Building your own raft

Afterwards we went on and started doing archery and raft building, almost everybody built a lasting and secure raft. But there were a few people that fell into the shallow water of the lake. The equipment we used was: rope, barrels and logs. One of the rafts barrels left the raft and floated all the way to the other side of the lake, the organizer’s retrieved it for us. The people that went first got soaked and had the choice if they wanted to continue or not. Many went back but the rest stayed and built a big raft that was very successful yet many got wet.

During archery, we used fake arrows that had smooth tips and could not cut anyone (in case you were wondering). The bows were very big and difficult to use but many kids managed to get at least one arrow on the targets.

After we took warm showers (which felt soooo nice!), we went to the disco pool party. Where we swam in the shallow or deep part of the pool, or on the slide as well as the hot tub. Everyone had a lot of fun and afterwards we got an ice-cream.

Wednesday was one of the best days we had and we wish that we could do it again!