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Idaho Exchange

A group of students from grades 8-10 are currently visiting Idaho (United States). They hope to learn from and with their peers who attend The Sage School in Hailey. On this blog we will post pictures & quotes to give you an impression of their trip.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer; pictures and quotes by Ilona Smolders, Annabel Kjar, Nick Bolhuis and the students

Episode 1

‘We have been made very welcome by the people of Hailey and the small town looks like a film set’, says Annabel Kjar. ‘The leaves are turning and the colours are intense’.

Mr Harry Weeks the principal of The Sage School met our group at the airport
Quote of the Day: ‘This is the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen’

Episode 2

Meeting pupils at The Sage School

So on their first full day in Hailey, the students explored The Sage School, and worked with the students there. They also helped to make a video for a local food initiative, they played ultimate frisbee and went on a scavenger hunt!

Mission and vision

If you have a moment go check out the website of The Sage School And find out what this eco school is all about. Their mission:

The Sage school creates a thriving environment for students through a challenging, authentic curriculum centered on human ecology and engaging experiences designed specifically to promote self-awareness, community responsibility, and a sense of place.

‘For the scavenger hunt we needed to find a fireman. Boy did we find one!’

Quotes of the Day

Everyone is so friendly here – Molly
I think it is so cool that the local community is so involved with the school and that they’re all working together for people in need – Clara
Sleeping is underrated – Lucy
I’ve never napped so much in my life – Sophie

Episode 3

Learning new skills at the Sage School

On Friday the students were participating in a host of different activities, picking up a new skill or two along the way. The whole group studied human ecology in the Sage School’s greenhouse. The grade 9 girl’s went fly fishing, while the grade 8 students did wood work as a community service project. The grade 10 girls were busy designing the new Sage School campus, while the grade 9’s were immersed in abstract art. The students also cooked some typical Dutch food and were busy snapping pictures of Mr Nick before he has had his morning coffee.

Fact of the day

Did you know that The Sage School doesn’t have any cleaning staff? Instead, the students and staff spend 10 minutes at the end of each day cleaning the campus themselves. Of course our ISUtrecht team joined in.

Spending time with the host families

The students all had an absolute blast spending time with their host families. Some went hiking, or played mini golf, while others visited redfish lake, the Hailey Museum, or a ghost town. Alice celebrated her birthday and of course there were snowball fights!

Episode 4

The students manned an international food station at The Sage School, offering “tompoezen”, “pepernoten”, “scones” and “apple pie”.

Sand Dunes

Together with the seniors from The Sage School the students traveled to the Bruneau Sand Dunes. These are a spectaculair phenomenon made as a result of the location: sand is blown by the north and south wind between mountains. After a grill lunch consisting of burgers, hot dogs and smorrs (roasted marshmellows and chocolate wedged between Graham crackers) the students climbed, rolled, boarded and sled of the giant sand dunes. The mountain goat award went to Koen, who was first up the massive dune!

Episode 5

All’s well ends well. Team Idaho had a fabulous last day together at the hot springs at Trinity mountain. The highlight was a dramatic performance by Emma, Molly, Sophie and Clara from the steaming waters of the springs to a captive audience. Their combined Greek mythology and the Kardashians in a hilarious an well performed piece. Bravo!

All enjoyed a great farewell dinner together at Harry Week’s house for our last night in Idaho as we prepare to say farewell and make plans to see each other again.