Art trip to Paris
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Art trip to Paris

The grade 10 students are in Paris. As well as whole group excursions, there will also be workshops geared toward visual arts, drama and music. As the students chose their preferred art subject at the end of grade 9, they will now explore their choice further during these days in Paris.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications; pictures by music teacher David de Geus

Episode 1

Some more pictures, this time from the visual arts workshop and a sight seeing tour. Oh and the rain inspired the students to compose the following song:

We feel the Paris drizzle
I am blowing on my whistle
The students follow strong, that’s how we get along

Episode 2

Episode 3

A day filled with sunshine (hurray!), performing and spending the night at a jazz café listening to Tom Harrell.

The end! The students will be arriving at school today at 18:00.