Antwerpen Travel log
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Antwerpen Travel log

This week the grade 9 students are on a trip to Antwerpen. In this travel log we will regularly post pictures of their adventures!

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications; pictures by Jenna van der Vegte and Poyee Li-Sumpton

The students arrived in Antwerpen early afternoon
The Team: secondary teachers Jenna van der Vegte, Poyee Li-Sumpton, Vangelis Karagiannakis, Jelle Zoon and Karin Oyarzo

Episode 1

The students traveled to Antwerpen, settled in and had some free time to explore the city.

Episode 2

Sorted in teams ready to tackle an escape room:

The students had a great time at Antwerp Clue (escape rooms), although none of the teams managed to escape in time.


This afternoon the students acted as guides during a GPS tour, showing each other the sites in Antwerpen.

Quotes of the day:

‘Go to Antwerp not only for the sights, but for the food’ – the boys
‘Fries before guys’ – Julia and Emmylou
‘I ate a whole baguette’ – Luke

Episode 3

The students took the train to Brussels to participate in a Service As Action activity, picking up trash. They also went on a comic strip scavenger hunt.

Quote of the day

‘Delightfully picking up trash of the streets of Brussels – an amazing experience to be more appreciative and to understand how to become a better citizen’
‘It isn’t kebab, it’s kebap’
‘When life throws something at you, just photo bomb it away’

Episode 4

The students started the day by visiting the Red Star Line Museum, learning about the live of immigrants who sailed from Antwerpen to a new life in America. They found out how long it took to travel to the US from different destinations, they took the tests immigrants had to pass to prove that they would be valuable in the workforce.

The winners of the comic strip scavenger hunt with their prize. They were the only team that found all 16 murals!


The students headed to the park and then on to a bowling alley for some well deserved fun.

The End! The students are expected back at school this afternoon at 15:00.