Adventures in Apeldoorn
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Adventures in Apeldoorn

The grade 5 classes are on their first ever ISUtrecht overnight trip. An exciting time in the lives of these 10 and 11 year olds. The group is staying in Apeldoorn and on this page we will keep you posted on their adventures.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications; pictures and quotes by Anna Jackson, Sridevi Brahmadathan, Mark Gottschalk and Kris Coorde

Episode 1

The group traveled to Apeldoorn and visited the Apenheul.

What the students thought:

‘Today was fun and interesting. The monkeys were cute, especially the small ones.’
‘We are having lots of fun in our room – we’re all friends.’
‘I really liked our room and our roommates. We had some difficulties with the beds but our neighbours helped us.’
‘A monkey went on my arm and it was awesome.’

Episode 2

The students played flashlight tag, had a lovely time at a water play park and challenged themselves at Klimbos.

Student quotes:

‘We are not going to choose the good stuff, we are children after all’ – overheard at the breakfast table.

‘I love this zip line. This is sooooooo much fun. Now I am soooo petrified!’ – Overheard at Klimbos

‘You don’t know what something will be like until you’ve actually done it’ – overheard at Klimbos

Episode 3

Message from the staff:

‘We’ve had a fantastic few days together. For a significant part, because the kids have been absolutely wonderful. We’ve received compliments from the zoo keepers and the instructors at Klimbos, for our student’s behaviour. The students should be very proud of themselves!’