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Parent Cafes

Our year is off to a great start and we are very excited to start a new project this year! Together with the Parent Support Group (PSG), Playgroup Kitty and the BSO Kind&Co we introduce the Parent Café.

By Elzemiek Chell, school psychologist, and Elvira Oskam, Early Years coordinator

What is parent café?

Parent Café is an extended coffee morning, organised for parents with children in their early years (0-7 years old). During a coffee morning you will receive information from guest speakers on topics linked to child development, share experiences, ask questions and learn about resources available in the community that can be helpful to you and your family. Parent Café is also a great place to meet other parents and collaborate with others to build an even stronger community for our families.

Why do we organise parent café?

Over the past few years both parents and teachers have expressed the desire to share more information on topics related to child development and our community partners in an informal face-to-face setting. Topics that where suggested included milestones in child development, building resilience, communication and healthy lifestyle.

After consulting the Parent Support Group, our community partners (BSO Kind&Co, Buurtteam and GGD) and teachers, we decided to introduce the parent café in collaboration with the PSG and the BSO. This way we make sure that the parent café will meet the needs of our parents and teachers and we have access to experienced guest speakers.

What can you expect this year?

The topics for the Parent Café are suggested by parents and teachers. Each Café will last an hour. Each session includes a presentation about the topic and the resources available, time for open-ended questions and a group discussion to share ideas and approaches. Topics for this year will include:

  • Milestones in child development
  • Introducing our community partners
  • Language development: English Language acquisition and mother tongue

For more information, feedback and topic ideas, please e-mail: