New School App
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New School App

Over the summer we launched new school app. In this blog post we’ll take you through the functionalities and explain how you can sign up.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer and Liesl Little


When you click on Messages, you should see multiple buttons; one that says “community” and one class button for every child you have in the school. In “community” you will find messages that have been sent to the whole parent community and in the class buttons you’ll find messages specific for the class, grade level or programme (e.g. PYP). If you click on an individual message you will see the whole text. If the message has an attachment you can click on it and then either view the attachment on your phone/tablet, or you can email the attachment to yourself. Once you read a message a tick will appear next to it.


If you click on an event, you will find the whole text providing you with all the information you need. You can either accept or decline an event. If you accept an event and allow the app to connect to your calendar, the event will appear on your calendar.


When there are parent teacher meetings, timings will be made available in the app and you will be able to book an appointment in the app. You will receive instructions on how to book an appointment in the “messages” section of the app.


This section will be used a few times a year to conduct short parent surveys on a variety of topics.


Here you will find all school holidays and both the primary and secondary staff study days for the current academic year.

Parent Support Group

In this section you will find all events organised by the Parent Support Group. If you would like to receive these messages please refresh the enable/disable button (even if it is currently ‘green’) . If you do not want to receive these messages, you can simply disable the messages.


Here you can find your profile and the option to change your password. Via “Absenteeism” you can let the school know that your child is ill. “News” will take you directly to the newsletter section on the website.

How to sign up

Go to either the App or Play store and find the IS Utrecht App. All email addresses of existing and new parents whose children returned or started after the summer holidays have been added to the app portal. You can sign in using your email address and the temporary password Isu@2019

If you find the class information of your child(ren) incorrect, please send an email to stating your child’s full name, class and your email address.

Teething problems

Changing from one app to another always brings some teething problems to light. These are the problems we are aware of and we are working very hard to solve them:

  • App notifications – for some devices the app notifications don’t work yet as they should do. You might receive lock screen banners and/or app badges, or you might not at this moment. On opening the app you should however find the in-app notifications working. Those tell you where to look in the app. Please bare with us and open the app every day to check for new messages.
  • Font size of the messages. We are aware that some parents struggle to read the very small font used in the messages. We will address this issue in the next app update.