Learning English through short stories
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Learning English through short stories

This term, our MYP grade 6 English Language Acquisition students are starting off with a unit on “Tales of Life and Imagination”. We will be finding out what (traditional) short stories are, and how they are written and told.

By Tommas Houterman, secondary English teacher

The two traditional Dutch stories “The Little Dutch Boy Who Saved Holland” and “The Cow Who Fell in the Canal” will be used to scaffold and introduce the unit.

Throughout the course of their research, inquiry and investigations, pupils will explore the connections between languages, cultures and story- telling. Students will also be introduced to the story pyramid to help study the 5 components of a story.

Diversity of languages

Besides learning about these components, students will investigate the similarities and differences between cultures and share traditional short stories from their own cultures. This will give them an insight into the diversity of languages used and spoken in our international environment here at ISUtrecht.

Finally, students will end the unit by writing their own short stories and sharing these with their peers.