Mathematics displays to stimulate students thinking
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Mathematics displays to stimulate students thinking

The mathematics department is pleased to contribute to this year’s school theme, “Environment”. Seeking to inspire students through an aesthetically pleasing place of instruction that also stimulates the mind, here is a peak at what you will see on a visit to one of our mathematics classrooms!

By Jessica Brussaard, secondary mathematics teacher

This print is a glimpse inside an extraordinary mind! In 2004 Daniel Tammet broke the European record for most digits of pi recited from memory. How did he accurately say more than 22,000 digits? In his memoire Born on a Blue Day he writes, “When I look at a sequence of numbers, my head begins to fill with colors, shapes and textures that knit together spontaneously to form a visual landscape…To recall each digit, I simply retrace the different shapes and textures in my head and read the numbers out of them.” (page 177). This picture is his rendering of what he sees in his mind when he thinks of the first 20 digits.

From left to right – If a “clock” would not have been your first guess for this contraption, you are in good company! However, this year’s grade 6 students have already begun to learn the base 2 number system, which is the secret to being able to read this binary device.

Prime number

Peer closely enough, and you will see that this frame actually contains the largest known prime number! Well, at least the first couple thousand digits, there are over 23,000,000! Discovered only in December of 2017 by Jon Pace, the race continues among mathematicians to find yet the next largest Mersenne prime


Gracing one shelf are both the Chinese and Japanese versions of the abacus. These devices for calculating sums are predecessors of the modern calculator. And ahumorous sign to remember an important mathematical rule!

Student artwork

Coming soon! We are thrilled to have a grade 9 student, Bruno, donate his time and talent in order to enhance one of the mathematics classrooms! He is currently working on 3 art pieces that will be hung as a trio. The pieces will reflect IB principles as well as mathematically relevant themes.

We can’t wait to see those artworks!