Virtual reality tour of permanent campus
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Virtual reality tour of permanent campus

On Friday 21 June we shared the exciting news that a team of architects was selected to design our permanent campus. Architects from SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw and Cross Architecture designed an exciting new building for our community.

By Rynette de Villiers, head of school

On Wednesday 26 June the complete architect team presented their design to the staff.  The architects are also very keen to introduce themselves to the whole ISUtrecht community. To do so they have made two video clips, in which they take you on a virtual reality tour of the new campus. Both lead architect Gideon de Jong (SVP) and architect Marcel Blom (Cross Architecture) also share the thought process behind their vision. 

The longer clip, spoken in Dutch with English subtitles , gives you a thorough idea of the new campus, while the second shorter clip spoken in English is geared towards the (younger) students.

We have worked towards this moment for a while now and are extremely excited to share it with our community. Enjoy!