Primary and secondary sports days
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Primary and secondary sports days

On Friday 12 July and Monday 15 July this year’s sports days for PYP and MYP/DP take place. In this article we will go through the sports and activities each grade level will play on that day.

By Jeroen Lamme and Nick Bolhuis, PHE teachers; pictures from last year’s sport days

PYP Kindergarten

On Monday 15 July, KG will have their sports day on the school playground, led by PHE teacher Liam Moody. Multiple games will be played, one of which is a bouncy castle ‘stormbaan’, on which students can show their speed and agility while going through obstacles and racing other classmates.

Throwing and aiming

Next to that, students will be showing their throwing and aiming skills in a beanbag throwing activity, they will play a few dodgeball games where they can show their aiming and dodging skills, they will be racing each other in multiple running races, they will face an obstacle course in the gym and finally finish with a big game of Tug of War.

PYP Grades 1 & 2

On the same Monday, 15 July, grades 1 & 2 will have their sports day at the Zwaluwen Football pitches, which are a 3-minute walk from school. Grade 1 will have their activities from 09:00-10:30 and Grade 2 from 11:00-12:30.

The students will play games they learned throughout the year, such as kickball, dodgeball, Tug of War and will finish with a big relay race.


The students have made a lot progress in kickball this year and that’s why we chose to play it this sports day. Kickball is a form of baseball, where students run to bases, finishing at home base to score a point. The students will, however, kick the ball instead of hitting it with a bat.

PYP Grades 3 & 4

While Grades 1 & 2 have their sports day on one of the football pitches, Grades 3 & 4 will have their sports day at the same time on a football pitch next to Grade 1 & 2. Their activities are similar to the Grades 1 & 2 sports day, but they will play with different rules, techniques and different materials.

Fastest team of the school

The students will play baseball, dodgeball, Tug of War and will finish with a big relay race as well. For their relay race, students have the opportunity to sign in a team of 4 students, which has to consist of two boys and two girls. At the end of the day, they will compete against other teams and see which teams can call themselves proudly the fastest team of school.

PYP Grade 5

Finally, we end the sports day with the Grade 5’s. They will have a heptathlon from 13:00 to 15:00. In this heptathlon the students will perform in 7 different athletic disciplines where they can aim for their own top scores and thereby compete with the other students. The disciplines they will compete in are: long distance run, 50-meter sprint, shotput, javelin, long jump and high jump and they will finish with a big relay race. The students will also have the opportunity to challenge each other in a game of Tug or War.

MYP Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & DP 1

For this year’s MYP/DP sports day we won’t be using the Krommerijn swimming pool like we did in the past two years. This due to the fact that the grounds surrounding the pool are infested by the oak tree processionary caterpillar, which is currently causing a lot of health problems. However, we managed to book the Zwaluwen sport pitches, close to school for Friday 12 July too. That means we have two big sport pitches available to make it a successful sports day.

The program for the MYPDP sports day will be a mix of multiple sports for different grade levels. Each grade level will play one sport every 45 minutes and in total they will play 6 different sports throughout the day.

Some examples of the sports that are being played are: frisbee, tchouckball (sort of handball), baseball/rounders, football, volleyball/badminton and field hockey.

M classes against Y classes

During the day, all M classes will compete against the Y classes. That means that for example Grade 7M will play vs Grade 7Y. In grade 6, there are three teams competing each other, since we have Grade 6M, 6Y and 6P. All scores and points will be added and at the end of the day the overall winner will be announced. There will also be a prize for the best boy and girl of each grade level!

We look forward to seeing our students in action on 12 and 15 July!