Lifestyles and identity in the Middle Ages
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Lifestyles and identity in the Middle Ages

In Individual and Societies, grade 6 students are studying the Middle Ages in Europe. The students are examining the Global Context: Orientation in Space and Time to explore the concepts of how the feudal system came about and how it influenced people’s lifestyles and identity.

By Josie Galemmo, Individuals and Societies teacher

During this unit, the classroom was flipped, and the students presented their findings on life in the Middle Ages. They did a phenomenal job in creating informative, age-friendly presentations to ‘teach’ their peers the relevant information.


The pictures are slides taken from the presentations, and these show some of various topics students researched.  Also the slides show how well the students presented. The students used key phrases and images to focus the viewer on the relevant information. And while presenting the students added more details to the information on the slides.


Currently, students are working on their unit summative assessment, where students will place themselves in a particular Medieval role. In this role, they will write blogs (diary entries) on their daily lives, warfare, and the plague. So far, students are in the planning stages. However, there will be:

  • Princess Irene, a 12-year old princess who indulges in activities, such as needlework and bible reading. 
  • A peasant wife who just lost her husband and needs to raise her three children and do all the chores, working extremely long hours.
  • A king who wakes up early in the morning to pray and then spends his day discussing the law.
  • And Sister Alice who spends her day in meditative prayer and caring for the sick.