Exhibtion – What the students thought of it
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Exhibtion – What the students thought of it

The Grade 5 students have worked very hard on their Exhibition project. They have reflected on the process and now you can see how they felt about the journey…

By Aarti, Tommaso, Aadithi, Giovanni, Kenza and Rachel (5 Blue)

I think of exhibition like a grand ending of primary. I really liked that we got to work on our own passions and plan what we wanted to do for our action. My favorite part of the Exhibition project, was the presentation because it felt good to share information about my passion and because I could get feedback. 


In Exhibition, we first had to choose a topic like plastic, oil or other topics. Then, we made our essential question and research questions. We continued to make more questions over the rest of the Unit. During that same period, we had to start thinking of the action that we would do. Then, we did our action. At the same time, we did our research. After that, we did our poster and now we are presenting. I thought I would have been more stressed. When I was presenting, I actually was not tense.


I enjoyed having Exhibition, because you could pick the topic that you wanted to inquire into. Our first step was to find out our passion. After that we created our essential question. We were able to answer our question at the end of Exhibition. We did research, interviews, surveys ect. The next step was to create our action plan to stop the problem that is occurring at the moment. At last the big day to present! On June 13, we presented our Exhibition project. 


We first chose our topic from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and researched our topic. I had a hard time deciding what research I should do. We did an action, prepared findings, and presented. I liked presenting my hard work.


In Exhibition, we were able to choose a topic that we were passionate about. We connected our topic to the UN SDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). We also had to have an action. Then, we had our presentation. I liked presenting my project. After our presentation, we got pizza!! It was a lot of work and was stressful, but it was worth all the effort.  


My journey to exhibition was fun, but stressful at the same time. We had to meet our own deadlines. My favorite part was organizing on the poster, because I could see all the information I gathered. I was proud about how it was organized. Exhibition allowed me to improve my organization skills. Exhibition also allowed us to be more independent in our learning.