Children in Kindergarten reflect on their year
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Children in Kindergarten reflect on their year

It has been a fun filled year in Kindergarten! As the school year is drawing to a close, we asked the children to reflect on their year.

By Lourine Ikink-Karanja, classroom teacher KG Red

We went around the Kindergarten classes and asked the students five questions to help them reflect. We then put all their comments in a reflection tree.

What is something you learned this year that you will remember forever?

‘To draw beautiful pictures’ – Deonna KG Orange
‘How to play during outside play’ – Neeraj KG Green
‘To be kind to other people’ – Janin KG Yellow
‘Recycling’ – Myra KG Red
‘What animals eat’ – Viktor KG White

What are you proud of?

‘I am really proud because I learned a lot of new things’ – Laxmitha KG Blue
‘Helping my friends’ – Panav KG Y ellow
‘I am proud that I am now reading by myself’ – Tanay KG Blue

Which was your favourite unit this year?

‘Habitat unit because we get to do different fun activities’ – Izzy KG Green
‘I liked the unit about seasons because I loved it’ – Olivia KG Orange
‘Light and colour because there were a lot of colours and I love colours’ – Giulia KG White

What do you like about your teachers?

‘I like that she says nice things’ – Lorena KG Yellow
‘I like that they let us have snack outside’ – Charani KG Orange
‘I like that she is not just okay, but super okay’- Fritz KG Green

What would you change in your classroom?

‘I will take out the doll house, because nobody plays with it’ – Alfie KG Red
‘I would change that we play outside, so that we play inside for a longer time’ – Aadya KG Blue
‘Nothing, I love playing at the back of the classroom’ – Vivaan KG White