Architect selected to design new campus
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Architect selected to design new campus

We are very pleased to present you with the first impression of our permanent school building. From a short list of five renowned firms, a consortium led by architect Gideon de Jong from SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw has now been selected by the municipality of Utrecht.  

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

As a part state funded school, it is the municipality‚Äôs responsibility to provide all schools in Utrecht with fitting accommodation. The ISUtrecht was part of the selection process and we are very pleased with the preliminary design. 

Strong connections

Taking into account the requests from our community, the building has been designed to help to maintain strong connections between younger and older students, staff, parents and caregivers. It will also create space to meet, discover and wonder, connect inside and outside and provide great spaces for music, dance, drama and visual arts at the heart of the building.


On Wednesday 26 June the staff were invited to a presentation of the new building and enjoyed looking at a short film, a scale model, multiple sketches and the first floor plans. The whole architect team – SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw and Cross Architecture – were present to share this exciting moment with the ISUtrecht staff.

At present, it looks like we will be able to start building the permanent location in 2020. The new campus should be finished towards the end of 2022.

Planning process

Please also read the press release by the municipality (Both in English and Dutch) about the planning process, which will help you to understand the big steps being taken at the moment. More information about the planning process can be found at the municipality’s website.