Shhhhhh….it’s a secret…ISU staff Pop Art portraits
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Shhhhhh….it’s a secret…ISU staff Pop Art portraits

The grade 3 students made wonderful Pop Art style staff portraits, which are on display in the main campus aula. If you haven’t seen them already, please go and take a look

By Ivana van Lith Lončarić, primary visual arts teacher

The grade 3 students were super excited about their secret project and I take my hat off to them for keeping the secret safe for the whole 6 weeks that the project lasted. (No one, not even their teachers knew about it.)

The focus of the unit was on portraits, different styles and techniques; in the end, we narrowed it down to the Pop Art movement.

Observational drawings

During this unit, the students have created observational drawings, explored facial features and proportions. It was quite fun to pose for one another while drawing peer portraits. We have learned that art can be created for different kinds of audiences and our specific audience was the ISU staff members. 


The students pulled out one photo of a staff member out of the hat and started creating their portrait in the Pop Art style. 

Grades 3 have done an amazing job and it was beautiful to see the surprised reactions and amazement of our staff members while they found their portrait that was exhibited on the aula walls. Well done grades 3, so proud of you all, you’ve brought a lot of joy to the whole school community with your creations.